About Us

Coney Shack & Grill
Food Truck

I started this food truck in 2021 having a deep passion for cooking, but the vision to bring Midwest food to AZ has been in the works for a few years now. Moving to Phoenix over 10 years ago, I have always craved Detroit Coney Island style food and flavor from my neighborhood, but have been unsuccessful in finding anything authentic here. After being unsuccessful for so long, I decided to start my own brand and combine my cooking skills with the Coney Island cuisine, which is how we came up with our name and brand “Coney Island food with a Midwest twist.” From a young age, I’ve created my own sauces and spices and I’m bringing that same energy into my truck. Not only do I enjoy cooking, but like most chefs I love to eat and try other foods as well. Being in the mining industry for 15 years, I was fortunate to travel the world, drawing tremendous inspiration from other cultures and their food. Throughout the years, I began to take the flavors and foods I enjoyed most and recreate them with my own personal twist. The best part about cooking on a food truck is being able to cater to my community, interacting with the customers and watching their faces light up after their first bite. It’s even more rewarding when they return time and time again!

We service a wide range of clientele and event types across the valley, from major sporting events such as Cardinals and Diamondback games all the way to local community events and farmers markets. We also offer private and corporate catering.